Archived Works

Small Surrender
Blue Ruin
The Thing With Feathers
Priscilla Out Of Orbit
The Elaborate Somnambulist
The Nuisance
Unwinged Harbinger
Some Bullets Are Special
Strange Weather
The Bloom Of Remoteness
The Visit
Learning Coulrophobia
The Sun Is A Thief
Orbits Of Daisy
Hunting Stray Canaries
Half Forgotten Dream
The Bullet Knows
The Finer Things
Foreboading And Heavy Sky
One From The Heart
No Place - Like Home
Resinous Darkness And Secret Kinishi
Outline Of The World
In The World Of Broken Ships
To Mimic Wind
slowly, Slowly Unwishing
Vanishing Daisies
Remedies For A Blind Spot
Ode To The Menacing Gods
Like Ghosts Of Fish
Nailed To The Ship
The Hex
Twisted Rune
Underworld Nesting
Disarranged Fairy God Mother
Echoless Inertia
The Whistling Void
Sleepwalking With Scarecrows


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