Her Art Really Imitates Life
David Li
The New York Post
Sept 21, 2009

Photo-realistic paintings by Alyssa Monks
Telegraph, UK, September 17, 2009

Artist creates incredible paintings that look like photographs
Mail Online, UK, September 18, 2009

Stunning Art that Looks Like Photos
Metro UK Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fotorealistische Porträts
Die Geechteten, Germany, September, 2009

Self Portrait Issue
Oranges & Sardines, September, 2009

La rete "scopre" l´iperrealismo: ecco le immagini top
la Repubblica, Italy August 13, 2009

Alyssa Monks
Oranges & Sardines, Summer, 2009

Photorealists Make Painting Come to Life
Michael H. Hodges
The Detroit News, March, 2009.

Artist Alyssa Monks Lectures on Painting
Kyle Henn
East Tennessean, December 2008

No Place Like Home
Harper´s Magazine, Nov 2008, p 31.

Swimmin´ With Women
(and painter Alyssa Monks) at Sarah Bain Gallery, by Greg Stacy
OC Weekly, online, September 2008

Alyssa Monks: Liquid
Riviera Magazine, Sep 2008

Come Hell
Rosecrans Baldwin
The Morning News, January 2008.

Alyssa Monks
American Art Collector, November, 2007

Alyssa Monks
by Charley Parker
Lines and Colors, March, 2007.

Alyssa Monks
American Art Collector, May, 2006

Alyssa Monks
by Bill Lasarow
Art Scene, February 2006

Alyssa Monks: The Texture of Light and Emotions
The Panache Experience, California, Vol. 17, issue 6

Alyssa Monks: Figurative Badass

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