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Illustrator by day, surrealist by night, Seuss created a body of irrepressible work that redefines this American icon as an iconographic American artist. Yet, the Secret Art often shows a side of the artist that most readers, familiar with him through his classic children’s books, have never seen. This collection, created over a period of more than 60 years, encompasses the entirety of Seuss’s multi-dimensional talent. The artistic golden thread highlighted throughout this collection is apparent in each wildly imaginative and surreal Secret Art image. The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss is an inimitable collection of artworks created at night for his own personal enjoyment. These works were rarely, if ever, exhibited during his lifetime and provide a deeper glimpse into the art and life of this celebrated American Icon.


By Gad, Old Man, You Got Him! I Wonder Where Emma Is Tonight?
Archbishop Katz That Winter Spring Came Late
Green Cat in Uleaborg Finland Subway Secrets of the Deep - Deluxe Edition
Firebird Wisdom of the Orient Cat
View From a Window of a Rented Beach Cottage The Stag at Eve
Lion Stroll Gosh!, Do I Look as Old as All That!
The Manly Art of Self Defense Joyous Leaping of Uncanned Salmon
The Rather Odd Myopic Woman Riding Piggyback... Cat Detective in the Wrong Part of Town
Freebird Fooling Nobody
Relaxed in Spite of It Self Portrait as a Young Man Shaving
Self Portrait of an Artist Worrying About His Next Book Every Girl Should Have a Unicorn
Golden Girl I Dreamed I was a Doorman at the Hotel Coronado
Economic Situation Clarified Tower of Babel
A Cat from the Wrong Side of the Tracks Pink Tufted Beast
Venetian Cat Singing Oh Solo Meow Incidental Music for New Year's Eve Party
A Man Who Has Made and Unwise Purchase An Alley Cat for a Very Long Alley
Cat Carnival in West Venice Elephant Presenting a Flower to a Bird
Indistinct Cat with Cigar Joseph Katz and His Coat of Many Colors
My Petunia Can Lick Your Geranium Plethora of Cats
Abduction of the Sabine Woman Booby Trap
Cuddlefish The Facts of Life
Green Cat with Lights Greenish Cat on Pinkish Pot
Horton Line Drawing Happy Grasshopper on a Mushroom
Martini Bird I'd love to go to the party but I'm absolutely dead
Talk Talk Talk Cat Behind the Hat
Surly Cat Being Ejected Sunbathing Bird
Waterfall Raising Money for the Arts
After Dark in the Park The Knotty Problem of Capitol Hill
Worm Burning Bright in the Forest in the Night Bring On Your Dragons


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