Dr. Seuss - Bronze Sculptures

Artist Leo Rijn, the inaugural sculptor for the Dr. Seuss Tribute Collection I, was selected to launch this project due to his prized work with some of today’s top talent in the world of film, entertainment and the visual arts (including Tim Burton, Ang Lee and Steven Spielberg). Rijn has been identified as one of today’s brightest sculpting talents because of his ability to breathe life into the written word and successfully transform two-dimensional ideas into three-dimensional works of art.
Universal Studios commissioned Leo to develop and oversee the creation of numerous maquette scale models for the Monumental Dr. Seuss Sculptures at Seuss Landing in Orlando, Florida.  Leo was instrumental in the art direction for many of the sculpted characters and buildings now on display at this permanent Seuss attraction.

 His strikingly accurate Seuss works embody a masterful and intuitive Seussian sensibility, establishing him as a leading talent in interpretive sculpting.


Horton (Large) Cat In The Hat (Monumental)
Horton Stainless Steel (Large) Green Eggs and Ham (Monumental)
Oh The Places You Will Go! Green Eggs and Ham (Large)
Horton Stainless Steel Horton Bronze
The Lorax Turtle Tower
Grinch Green Eggs and Ham
The Cat In The Hat The Lorax (Large)
The Grinch and Max (Large) The Cat In The Hat (Large)
Turtle Tower (Large) Have No Fear I Will Not Let You Fall


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