Archived Works

Melancholia No.25
Figure With Black Cap
Figure Holding White Mask
The Sleepwalker No.14
Untitled No.18
Portrait Of Cecilia No.2
Figure With Black Cap and Dead Flower
The Encounter No.76
Figure With Mask and Cape
Study For The Sleepwalker
Dingo As Philosopher
Figure With White Cap
Melancholia Omnia Vincet
The Encounter No.26
Sleepwalker No.15
Figure With White Mask
La Perdida
Figure With Black Beret
Baroque Figure No.423
Figure With Black Cap No.97
El Perdido No.18
The Encounter No.8
The Magician
The Sorcerer No.8
Dutch Portrait
Figure With Yellow Cap and Mask
Figure With Striped Cap
Figure With Black Mask
The End
The Crisis No.15
Portrait No.22
Portrait No.54
Figure with Black Cap
Figure With Black Beret
Baroque Figure
The Magician
The Satndard Bearer
The Sleepwalker II
Figure With Dark Cap
Untitled Portrait
Baroque Woman
Untitled No.223
Figure In Black
Figure With Black Hat
El Perdido
The Sleepwalker
White Robe
Study II
Study I


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